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System Design & Integration

Designing and integrating power and control systems, including power schematics customized panel layouts and precise wiring diagrams.

Start-Up & Support

Specialize in on-site project start-up support from beginning to end.

Automated Data Reporting

Custom automated data reporting systems. Including autonomous data collection for real time data and operational efficiency.

PLC Control Solutions

Programming the latest technology & Migrating PLC systems from mature hardware to modern solutions.

HMI/SCADA Programming

Streamlined HMI and SCADA programming services. We design user-friendly interfaces and efficient control systems for industrial processes.

Medium Voltage System Integration

Interfacing and integrating medium voltage systems for optimized performance, control and safety standards.

VFD/Motor Starter Interfacing

Integrate motor starters and expertly handle high-power Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control for efficient motor performance and energy management.

Historian Configuration

Configuring data historians for efficient data collection, storage, compression, and seamless integration with other systems in industrial settings.


Implementation of alarm systems to ensure safety for system processes.

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